Rabbits and Coffee!

Rabbit cafeI just read about this newish trend in Tokyo that puts a twist on quirky. They serve the traditional coffee house fare, but then they have little bunny rabbits available for the patrons to interact and play with before or after, and in some cases, during dining.  Kind of like a pet store with food! In fact some of them actually do sell their little residents as long as you promise to take good care of them.

Rabbit cafe2

From the many articles I’ve found online about this new phenom, this chance to cuddle with a fury friend while noshing has packed the cafes and made them a popular place to unwind and destress on the weekends. Wonderland, Cafe Rabbi, and Ra.a.g.f (rabbit and grow fat) are some of their names, and for an hourly fee, and the cost of a meal, anyone can commune with a cottontail.

rabbit cafe sign

Rabbitcafe3As the video I’ve included below points out, with most Tokyo residents living in apartments with a ban on pet ownership this is one way to get their animal ‘fix’.




Anchorage, a glutton’s delight!

As I’ve posted previously on this blog, Anchorage is full of unique places to drink and dine.  After staying here a few times in the dark and the cold I can certainly understand why, ~a person has to enjoy themselves somehow, right?

Of course maybe not all these restaurants would appeal to every palate, but I’m lucky in the fact that I can salivate over a pizza and beer equally as well as I can over a prime choice of steak and a nice glass of wine. I’m an equal opportunity glutton, I don’t discriminate against many types of foods (well maybe lutefisk and haggis), or beers or wines, and thanks to an easygoing spouse I am able to try at least a few new places every time I travel to the great white north.

Portabella mushroom, stuffed with crab meat and shrimp

Last week we found an article in one of the local rags that had a list of the reporter’s favorite Sunday brunch spots, out of 10 of these spots we had only managed to visit one! Realizing we must rectify this oversight immediately, we visited one of her favorites for lunch the very next day. (Don’t say we let grass (or ice) grow under our feet!)

Our luncheon locale? The Beer Tooth Grill. Not only had we never heard of it, we had never even been near it. Obviously by the slew of cars parked every whichaway, we were one of the few residents of Anchorage who were clueless about it’s gratifying grub. The picture above shows you what I chowed down on, a meaty portabella mushroom, stuffed with creamy combination of crab and shrimp meat. It was just as delicious as it sounds. Nanook had a ham and cheese sandwich and we both washed our meals down with beers from their very own Broken Tooth Brewery.

The owners of the restaurant, Rod Hancock and Matt Jones, own not only this restaurant and the brewery, but also their original restaurant, Moose Tooth, and a dine in theatre right next to the Grill called Bear Tooth Theatre Pub. I really want to go to the theatre on my next visit, ’cause it sounds like a great time. And I just heard last night that they are going to open yet another restaurant fairly close to our house…I guess I’m going to have to try that one too!

Alas, so many restaurants (and books) so little time!


Washington, DC is a foodies’ paradise. Most people who haven’t visited the nation’s capitol in the last 5-10 years might be surprised by that fact, but the number of amazing gastronomic delights are numerous and can please just about any palate or budget. I’m always excited to go for a visit so I can get, not only my fill of history, but also fill my stomach as well!

Olive oil and balsamic vinegar

This time I was lucky enough to dine at Zaytinya, a José Andrés restaurant featuring a mezze menu of Turkish, Lebanese and Greek cuisines. It was a very special experience for lunch!  They featured a $22.00 four course luncheon that was beautiful as well as delicious, and the attentive service rounded out what has to be one of my favorite meals of all time.

Carrot and pistachio dish (my favorite)


Beef and lamb meatballs

Greek yogurt and apricots

Roasting the lamb

It was terrific to experience such fine dining at lunch time and not have it break the bank!

Long time, no post!

For over a week I have been practically computerless, only in possession of an iPad, and thus unable to post anything on my blog. I feel very delinquent, like I’ve neglected my homework or something. Not only didn’t I write a single blog post, I only managed to read two books and cheated liberally on my diet! It’s almost like the lost weekend, except I was lost for a whole week! But like all good things this too must come to an end, so I stopped in the library today and picked up a book, I’m eating a salad and, obviously, I’m writing on my blog!

I spent the last 10 days luxuriating in the company of family and friends while spending time in the nation’s capitol, one of my favorite places. When I’m there I never fail to discover new places to visit and new restaurants to gain weight in. This trip was no exception!

The Bayou Bakery in Arlington, Virginia is not new to me, but since I’m currently salivating over a couple of pics I took while dining there I thought I would tell you a bit about it. This place is only a hop, skip and a jump from where I usually stay while in town, so my feet always manage to lead me to their doorstep. I really thought that this would be my only indulgence this past week, because I was in denial about my need to eat large quantities of delicious grub. Instead this was the beginning of my week-long food coma!


David Gaus, the chef and owner, is a native of Louisiana and an award-winning pastry chef who gave up being a corporate pastry chef in 2007 to open the bakery and write a cookbook. Bayou Bakery offers terrific southern sweets as well as savory dishes and delicious coffee.

My personal favorites are the made to order beignets~~three warm, powdered sugar, Louisiana doughnuts for 3 bucks! But they also do things like a weekly crawfish boil in June, red beans & rice and shrimp creole.

a perfect afternoon!

If you are ever visiting DC, it’s well worth it to take the metro’s orange line to Arlington, Virginia to either the Courthouse or Clarendon stops to find a variety of unique restaurants and shops, like Bayou Bakery!

America Eats


Last night we ate at a restaurant that was a history lovers dream, America Eats Tavern in Washington DC.
Opened in July 4, 2011 to coincide with the exhibit at the National Archives, What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam?, the restaurant has gathered recipes from throughout America’s history and cooked them for grateful diners.
José Andrés Is the chef. He has owned several concept restaurants in DC, and is credited with bringing small plate dining to America.
On the menu were such selections as Oysters Rockefeller, Chicken Pot Pie, Pineapple Upsidedown Cake and Vermont Sugar on Snow.

What is nice is that profits from the restaurant are being donated to The Foundation for the National Archives. The restaurant is set to close on July 4th 2012 so I’m glad we were able to experience this unique dining experience.
The best part…..they brought the check out in an old, smelly book!!