Everything’s happening at the zoo!

I really love zoos and I’m lucky that Anchorage is home to the small, but mighty, Alaska Zoo. I love this zoo because of its winding, woody pathways and intimate habitats.

These, very close to the path, enclosures truly get you nose to nose, and up close and personal, with the residents. While there are quite a few native animals residing here, there are also a few that have traveled great distances to live the dream, move to Alaska, and have tourists and screaming children stare at them all day. These include 5 yaks, 4 snow leopards, 3 alpacas, 2 tigers and a 2 humped camel that’s mad (this sentence reads a lot better if you sing it to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas starting with the 5 golden rings part!)

Anyway, for whatever reason the animals were all in rare form today. I don’t remember ever being at a zoo where all the animals seemed so active and riled up. The polar bears were swimming and frolicking, the brown bears were wrestling and the wolves were howling!

All and all a lovely day at the zoo, under beautiful blue skies, but with a very funny feeling that I was being watched…..
and stared at…..
the entire day!