Waterlogue has turned me into an artiste!

app store imageLike the rest of us with our iPads and iPhones, I’ve loaded, deleted and forgotten many apps in the course of my ownership of said products. When the devices (or should I say vices!) were brand new I went app crazy for all kinds of games, news, productivity and even, dare I say it, educational apps, but alas most of them I just don’t use.  I find I use a dozen on a regular basis, and the rest are probably covered in cobwebs in the my virtual junk drawer.

Because of this I rarely, if ever, go trolling the app store for something new, but the other day I decided to check the ‘top charts’ and see what was shaking and low and behold I found this really great app called Waterlogue.

waterlogue It’s this really cool app that turns photos into watercolor images right before your eyes! Simply beautiful works of art that are magically painted right on your phone. It must be amazing because it actually costs money, and I still downloaded it!! 

It takes about 20 seconds (I know that long! Aren’t we all so jaded?) for the image to change from just a plain photo into a thing of beauty, so you can really see the virtual artist at work.  That’s really half the fun!

There are 13 different applications you can use to create your new image, and I’ve only really just begun experimenting, but as you can see the results are beautiful!


A “tropical” summer in Alaska

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn case you haven’t noticed global warming is causing havoc with the planet, and Alaska isn’t exempt from its effects. If you talk to anyone that’s lived here for a long time, they will tell you that this is the best summer they’ve ever experienced in Alaska. It’s sunny most days, the temperatures are soaring (mid-70’s ) and everyone is enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Usually when I’m visiting Alaska in the summer I always have a sweatshirt or light jacket handy, but this year I’ve even gone outside with shorts and a t-shirt~~a true sign of climate change if I’ve ever heard of one!

This beautiful weather has had another added benefit, it’s made this place even more gorgeous than it already is….of course ask me that the next time I’m here and there’s 4 feet of snow on the ground and I might be singin’ another tune!! In that case just remind me of what I’ve written here, so I can look back at these lovely pics!




On the road again….too soon…

I can hardly believe that I have been in Alaska for six weeks already and that it’s time for the Jazz and I to wing our way home tomorrow. I always have to psych myself up to come, anticipating the journey, the cold and the change of scene, and then once I’m here I acclimate quickly, revisit all my favorite haunts and then at the end I get sad thinking about leaving.

But I’ve enjoyed a few beers,


drunk way too much coffee,


got snowed on continuously (not really it just seems that way!),


enjoyed the beauty of Alaska,

eaten delectable food,


then tried to walk a lot to (unsuccessfully) keep the pounds off,IMG_0254

and as a result, tired the pokey little puppy out.

IMG_0092I think it’s time to go home!