Maxine and Minnie Moose

Sorry if everyone is sick of moose pictures but I have to add just a few more! Today we had a visit from mama Maxine and baby Minnie! Jasmine and I first spotted the baby when we came back from our walk this morning (of course again I was almost on top of the thing before I saw it!) and then when I ran outside with the camera we spotted her mom. They made their move around the condo and we were able to snap some up close pictures from the bedroom window! Poor Maxine had a pronounced limp but was very attentive to the baby who systematically trimmed all the foliage around back for us!

Mama Maxine


Baby Minnie

Maxine and Minnie sharing a mommy/daughter moment

Walking is so amoosing!

Last night I was walking with my constant companion, Jasmine, when we witnessed something so endearing. A little boy was taking his first ride on his itty bitty bike without training wheels. His mom was beaming as he anxiously attempted the ride and showed off for us. Very sweet to be a witness to this “big” moment.

It made me think of all the many happenings that my dogs and I have witnessed over the years while we’ve taken our daily constitutional.

Holly, Tulip, Jasmine and I were a well oiled machine when we walked around the neighborhood or at least I liked to think so. As I’ve noted in other posts I am not an outdoors woman so when my doggies and I were walking along one morning and saw a poor dirty looking pooch across the street pacing us, I felt so sorry for it. It looked so bedraggled and hungry I was hoping I would be able to get a look at its collar once we made it home and I could untangle myself from the three leashes in my hands.  But my dogs, being much brighter than I am, knew trouble when they saw it. They started panting, growling and acting so goofy, slow poke that I am, finally figured out what I was feeling sorry for was a coyote. I picked up Jasmine (the smallest dog) and started hauling some city girl booty with the other two limping along behind (they were 12 and 13 at the time) and we made it safely home none the worse for wear. But now I knew what a coyote looked like…a mangy dog!

When Holly was an old girl of 16, she Jasmine and I were walking very slowly through the neighborhood when I saw a sight that made me freeze in place and wonder if what I saw was for real. Tearing out from behind a house comes a red fox with a doe chasing it at full speed. They passed right beside the sidewalk we were standing on and then ran around the house to the backyard. I was gobsmacked and still in shock and waited a minute before deciding to proceed. When I returned home I googled what I saw and actually found several videos on YouTube showing something similar to what I’d witnessed. Just checking to make sure I wasn’t crazy!

I’ve found lots of stuff too, a woman’s work ID (she sent me a gift card as a reward), some guy’s whole work portfolio in a leather folder (he didn’t give me a gift card), a kid’s learner’s permit and a license plate (I called the police and they found the neighbor who it belonged to, the same one who lost the learner’s permit). I’ve seen the cops chasing and arresting some kid in our neighborhood. I watched while he went around one side of the house and the cops the other and they met in the middle…like a Keystone Kops moment!

And today in my neighborhood I saw a new “old” friend, Mildred the Moose! Jasmine and I were walking and I was talking on my cell phone when I saw her in a yard up ahead. I needed to walk past her to get home and I figured she was pretty well occupied with her breakfast to worry about little ‘ol us, but I was wrong. We slipped past her but then she started making her move, jumping over the fence in the yard she was dining in, and heading in our direction. I didn’t wait around to see what was up, I sped up the pokey little puppy and heading quickly towards our house. Jasmine, unobservant dog that she is, noticed nothing! I felt relieved when I finally got the key in the door and got inside.

I decided I wasn’t going to let Mildred get away without have her paparazzi moment, so I hopped in the car with my camera and went back to find her. No Mildred…I sadly headed home and guess what? Mildred really had followed us home! She was around the corner enjoying the breakfast buffet in my neck of the woods. Good old Mildred!

My nemesis, Mildred

she's just noticed her privacy has been invaded

she decides that breakfast is more important than evading the paparazzi

Counting Moose instead of Sheep

Cow moose

Cow moose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even though coffee is verboten for this blogger, I decided after the sleepless night I had I was going to go crazy and brew a pot. Just call me irresponsible and unreliable too.

~~Sorry for getting a little sidetracked but I couldn’t stop singing the above song after I wrote that last sentence~~

Anyway, the reason for my lack of 40 winks? MOOSE!  Specifically Mildred Moose, at least that’s what I call her. We haven’t been formally introduced but she just looks like a Mildred to me.


Moose (Photo credit: Travis S.)

Mildred is really cramping my style. Every morning when I’m walking Jasmine around the ‘hood, and we’re just hitting our stride, I spot Mildred…lurking. The scary part is that I don’t notice her until I hear her snorting and chomping on some poor defenseless foliage just yards away. I’m not an outdoor kind of gal so these encounters, while thrilling, are also terrifying and just way too close for comfort.

The first time I saw her I tried to snap a picture with my antiquated cell phone. I only managed to shoot a picture of the tree that Mildred was hiding behind. Maybe this was because I was panicking a bit when she raised that Jimmy Durante snoz in the air and took a big sniff. Maybe I’ve seen too many scary movies featuring beasties (Jurassic Park came to mind) , but this seemed like a really good time to turn around and head back from whence we came!

But last night I decided maybe I was making a mountain out of a moose hill and decided to google “Moose attacks in Anchorage”. BIG MISTAKE!


~This is akin to googling “headache” and becoming convinced you have a brain tumor and have only weeks to live~

I came away with numerous hits, both old and new, about attacks in suburban areas of Anchorage. It seems with the record snows we’ve had this year the moose are irritable and a little cranky from having to climb huge snow banks and search for food.

Then I found out they don’t like dogs, they can run as fast as a rabbit,  and they can kick sideways too!  This does not seem to bode well for Jasmine and I, since she’s a dog and I’m as slow as molasses. A double whammy if Mildred ever decides we are interrupting her all you can eat buffet!

As Einstein said, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”!

But the new day found me pulling on my boots (because of course it’s snowing here yet again), leashing the dog and venturing out onto the mean streets of Anchorage, filled with more moose knowledge than is good for any one person to possess.

As I peered around every corner and tree on our journey, Mildred was no where to be seen. Even though I was relieved to make it home unscathed, a part of me missed the little vixen.

The time is nigh…

It is now under one week until Jasmine and I head to Alaska for our great adventure!  Back in November, when I decided to leave my job and spend more time in Alaska it seemed so very far away. I know that time seems to go more quickly when you get older but I think there was some warp speed going on these last few months!

Don’t get me wrong I like Alaska, but I also like warm weather, my house, and my friends in Illinois a lot so I’m a little conflicted.  And the few other times I’ve been to Alaska in the spring the temperature difference hasn’t been that great, but this year is a totally different story!

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