Island Bound

My favorite show of all time has to be LOST. I was slow to embrace the premise but after hearing so many co-workers sing its praises, I finally checked out Season 1 from the library and hastily become a FANATIC. I loved the characters, the mystery, the twists and turns. What a show! I listened to three different podcasts each week, where the hosts hashed and rehashed each small detail for hours. I kept up with blogs, websites, reviewers. My family bought me books about LOST and a doll based on one of the characters. Like I said FANATIC! So when the show ended I went into serious LOST withdrawal, as did many of the bloggers, podcasters and reviewers to whom I turned to for my LOST fix.   We’ve all been waiting for the second coming…..but it’s never come…until now….maybe.

The creator of LOST, J.J. Abrams, has launched several shows since LOST ended, none of which have appealed to me. Even though I so want to like PERSON OF INTEREST with Michael Emerson, I just find it another dull police procedural. But now we have the most promising series since the end of LOST, ALCATRAZ.
It has Jorge Garcia from LOST, it has mystery and seems to have some mythology like LOST, but I’m still not quite sold. I think the problem is the writing. The terrific writers, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse from LOST aren’t involved and there is the difference.

The dialogue is stilted and sometimes heavy. Other than Jorge Garcia, I find the regular cast very generic, no personality. The best actors/characters are the prisoners of Alcatraz. They are terrific! You can tell that these actors are making the most of their shot to appear in a weekly series and for them alone I will continue to watch.

Even though ALCATRAZ has some of the same qualities as LOST, I doubt if any TV show in the near future will be able to duplicate the same kind of loyal followers. It’s unique and I’m glad I was along for the ride!