Eating Alaska Style

Anchorage is a city full of coffee houses and huts, brew pubs and restaurants. In other words it’s my kind of town!  Of course there are the usual blight of chain restaurants, of the Applebee’s variety, that seem to have infiltrated every nook and cranny in our great nation over the last several decades, but luckily independently owned restaurants abound as well.

hut closest to us!

Coffee, as you know, has been removed from my daily routine (although I have snuck in a cup or two…shhh!) but for those who are still able to imbibe, there is no shortage of places in town to purchase a cup of piping hot java. There are literally coffee huts on every block of Anchorage. They are stuck in parking and vacant lots everywhere you look and each has its own unique name and decor to attract customers.

This site, , has some great hut photos!

I am also a fan of brew pubs and alehouses….thank goodness beer has not been removed from my diet!  I have two favorites, Snow Goose and Firetap with the Glacier Brewhouse coming in a close third. All have great menus and a variety of beers that aren’t available in my neck of the woods. If available I try to pick Halibut and chips, my all time favorite meal in Alaska! Luckily Nanook is amiable to taking me out to test the grub and grab a pint when I’m here, so we’ve managed to visit all three in the last several weeks!

Snow Goose

Enjoying a caribou burger and a pint @ Snow Goose

My beer flight at FIRETAP, because I couldn't just pick one!

Lest you think that the only places we’ve eaten at have beer on the menu, we have managed to go to go to a few Asian restaurants, Yamato Ya and Tempura Kitchen. Okay, as I reread that last sentence I realized I’ve fibbed…both of these restaurants have beer on their menus! But I can say that wasn’t the main reason for dining there!

Bento Box @ Yamato Ya

There are certainly a plethora (borrowing my friend’s favorite word) of dining options in this city including one we spotted yesterday. I’m definitely going to have to try this one day when I’m not so full!

Reindeer Hot Dog Stand

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