One ingredient ice cream? Bananas!

My cousin posted a link on Facebook this morning that really grabbed my attention. It is entitled, “The Kitchn’s One-Ingredient Ice Cream”. I love ice cream and I love simple recipes so of course I had to check it out.

You can gather from this post’s title that the ONE ingredient is bananas! I guess if you cut up bananas, freeze them and then give them a whirl in a food processor, the result is an ice cream like dessert with intense banana flavor.

Cavendish bananas are the main commercial bana...

You can click here, on Food52’s website, to read the scientific reason why bananas have this magical ability to turn into ‘soft serve ice cream’ and also get the recipe.

one-ingredient ice cream

Book Odds and Ends

Some Book Love on the web this week~~

Amazing book cupcakes by Victoria’s Kitchen!  Too bad they are located in the UK. By the number of hits and comments on their Facebook page, I’m not the only one that’s disappointed!

Bookshelf Porn is a photoblog loaded with amazing images of books. Books in libraries, books in bookstores and books on bookshelves. Check them out if you want to ooh, aah and drool over some pulp!

Book Dishes…they speak for themselves!

Book Fetish on Pinterest

English: Red Pinterest logo

My latest obsession is Pinterest. Another great internet time waster and a whole lot of fun! Another subject for another post!  Book Fetish is a board loaded with unusual book stuff from jewelry to clothing and everything in between.

So even though I’m going through a bit of a reading dry spell I still haven’t lost my love of books!