The other day I went to the Home Store to poke around and see if they had anything I wanted but didn’t need, and low and behold they did! I was rooting through the clearance baking pans, when this very classy woman with a French accent pointed out this interesting looking pan:


She told me it was a “madeleine” pan, and that she bakes madeleines for her friends who simply adore them. I had to admit to her that I had never heard of a madeleine or it’s seashell style pan, but her commentary intrigued me so I forked over the five-spot and set to baking.

I easily found this recipe  online and VIOLÁ,



They are crunchy on the outside and soft and cake-like on the inside and simply divine.
How fortutious that a chance encounter, taught me a new skill with such a delicious result.
Merci Mademoiselle!

A cooking blog this ain’t!

So I decided to get all creative today and make myself an ice cream cake, I just love a good ice cream cake! I always feel the cake to ice cream ratio is not to my liking so I figured if I made it myself it would be just pourfect!

I also thought it would be an especially escially wonderful idea if I took pictures along the way (like the cooking blogs do) and make a post to show everyone how to make an ice cream cake. That was a DUMB idea 🙂

Here I try to be artsy fartsy displaying what it takes to make this treat….


…then a shock of color, as I try to be like The Pioneer Woman showing my bowl full of ingredients.


Required baking shot (or even a goofball like me can get a cake to look good in the oven!)


scrumptious ice cream being smushed in a cake pan

and finally the piece de resistance…..the picture you’ve all been waiting for….the start of a whole new career path….the finished product…

drum roll please….

the disaster** that is my ice cream cake…Cake Wrecks eat your hearts out!!


The flowers and wine are to distract your attention away from the cake, but even though it looks ugly as sin, it’s going to be sinfully delicious! 🙂

**And like all great failures I have something to blame for this mess of an ice cream cake, it’s the freezer, it really was all the freezers fault! Honest!


Hail to the Chef

Hail to the ChefI am a horrible cook. Well not horrible, just a lackluster cook. I don’t like planning meals, shopping for groceries or preparing food, which makes it absolutely nutty that I’m addicted to cooking and food shows! I love Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, MasterChef, and the Great Food Truck Race. And then there is Come Dine with Me, The Next Food Network Star and Restaurant Impossible. I could list probably a half a dozen more but I figure that you’ve already gotten the idea 🙂

What’s even crazier about these shows is that most of the things they prepare aren’t really things I usually dine on when I go out to eat. It’s kind of foo foo, fancy schmancy, small portions that are made with ingredients that my local grocery probably doesn’t even carry. Yet I’m glued to the TV, watching the chefs chop veggies with wild abandon, cooking with new techniques, like liquid nitrogen, and touching all the food while plating (yuck!).

I continue to be mesmerized while the “expert” panel of judges, taste, analyze and dissect each morsel, with a proliferation of flowery adjectives, and decide whether the bite of food was seasoned and flavorful enough for their discerning palates. Of course, we the viewer, have to take their taste buds word for it because we can neither taste nor smell the plates, obviously it’s a visual experience only!

I have to say though that the few times I’ve been lucky enough to visit a television top chefs’ restaurant (Gordon Ramsey, Emeril Lagasse, Rick Bayless) never once did I say, “Man, that was the best meal I’ve ever eaten”…never!  I don’t know whether that means I’m not classy enough to appreciate fine dining or whether those that do love it feel they must because they just forked over a weeks’ salary for their dinner. Probably a little of both!

So I will continue to indulge my love for cooking and food television shows from the comfort of my couch with my PB&J sandwich on my plate, a bag of chips by my side and a beer in my hand. Just because I don’t like cooking, shopping or preparing food doesn’t mean I don’t love eating it!