Back on the reading track!

I have been doing a happy dance these last few days, because I think I am finally over my reading slump! I am a fairly avid reader, usually finishing 150+ books a year, so when I began losing my lust for lit I became kind of down in the dumps.

I’m surrounded by books on my shelves, stacked on tables, strewn on the floor and cluttering up my e-reader and for several months I had little or no desire to read any of them. I would check out books from the library and return them unread. I carried my e-reader with me in my purse and never fired it up.


But all the while I was in my reading rut, I was still filling my Kindle, floors and shelves with unread titles. I continued to listen to my favorite book podcasts, read my favorite book blogs, and perused book reviews online, so I could add yet even more books to my TBR list on Goodreads. I was drowning in book titles! Normally this would not be a bad way to go for a bookologist like me, but I think it was only making matters worse!

I’m not sure what jostled me out of my literary laziness, but praise Mark Twain and pass me a novel, I’m again wrapping myself in the warmth of the written word!

So whether it was the cold, darkening days in Alaska, organizing the titles on Goodreads and my Kindle, or finally reading several books in a row I enjoyed, it’s over.

…Okay, so if you don’t mind I have to run now, ’cause I’m in the middle of a really good book 🙂