Rabbits and Coffee!

Rabbit cafeI just read about this newish trend in Tokyo that puts a twist on quirky. They serve the traditional coffee house fare, but then they have little bunny rabbits available for the patrons to interact and play with before or after, and in some cases, during dining.  Kind of like a pet store with food! In fact some of them actually do sell their little residents as long as you promise to take good care of them.

Rabbit cafe2

From the many articles I’ve found online about this new phenom, this chance to cuddle with a fury friend while noshing has packed the cafes and made them a popular place to unwind and destress on the weekends. Wonderland, Cafe Rabbi, and Ra.a.g.f (rabbit and grow fat) are some of their names, and for an hourly fee, and the cost of a meal, anyone can commune with a cottontail.

rabbit cafe sign

Rabbitcafe3As the video I’ve included below points out, with most Tokyo residents living in apartments with a ban on pet ownership this is one way to get their animal ‘fix’.




2 thoughts on “Rabbits and Coffee!

  1. They’ve started an international trend for sure, we saw the first cat cafe in Paris in December, although we couldn’t have a cup of tea, because places are reserved more than a week in advance. Paris apartments are becoming so small and people’s lifestyles so centred around being away from home, that few can have animals any more and so these cafe’s provide a much needed connection.

    As you can see from this BBC News clip, it is being suggested that ronronner purr-therapy actually reduces stress!

    • Claire, that’s amazing to hear about the popularity of the small animal cafe firsthand! I would love to experience one of these places first hand sometime. I have a feeling that this would never be available in the states, just because there are so many regulations, but I sure would patronize one if it was near by!

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