Sometimes I need my mommy!

Even though I’m a grown-up and well into middle-age, there are times I still wish my mommy was around for things like

~~Reminding me to hold the sleeves of my shirt when I put my coat on, so they don’t ride up my arm~~

~~Checking to make sure I got home okay~~

~~Encouraging (okay forcing) me to eat my veggies before I can have ice cream~~

~~Making sure I have enough cash before I leave the house~~

~~Checking to see if the car has gas~~

~~Driving me places, and dropping me off right in front~~

~~Telling me I’m the smartest, most talented (and the prettiest) girl in the world~~

~~and tucking me in at night!~~

While it would be nice to be a little kid again, of course it would have its drawbacks, like for example not being able to drink wine while playing on the computer!!

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