Rabbits and Coffee!

Rabbit cafeI just read about this newish trend in Tokyo that puts a twist on quirky. They serve the traditional coffee house fare, but then they have little bunny rabbits available for the patrons to interact and play with before or after, and in some cases, during dining.  Kind of like a pet store with food! In fact some of them actually do sell their little residents as long as you promise to take good care of them.

Rabbit cafe2

From the many articles I’ve found online about this new phenom, this chance to cuddle with a fury friend while noshing has packed the cafes and made them a popular place to unwind and destress on the weekends. Wonderland, Cafe Rabbi, and Ra.a.g.f (rabbit and grow fat) are some of their names, and for an hourly fee, and the cost of a meal, anyone can commune with a cottontail.

rabbit cafe sign

Rabbitcafe3As the video I’ve included below points out, with most Tokyo residents living in apartments with a ban on pet ownership this is one way to get their animal ‘fix’.




The funny things we say

I was cooking an egg this morning and started to think about my mom’s name for a fried egg. She’d ask me if I wanted a runny eggor a dunky egg with my toast. She called an umbrella a brelly; the remote was a clicker my suitcase was a grip. Instead of cock-eyed, she’d say crock-eyedetc., etc. I know there are more I just can’t think of them now.

I too developed this habit with my children. I always asked if they wanted pannycakes, or doddies (doughnuts) for breakfast. I pronounced the ‘t’ in ballet. I still wonder if they want to take the ‘vator (elevator) or the stairs, and whether they want me to turn on the tube (tv). When they fly in I’m picking them up at the ‘port, and when we go travel it’s on a vaca. And instead of swearing when they were little I would say, ishkabibble or ay carambaI guess I was practicing my Yiddish and Spanish? Who knows?!

When I was a kid my dad used to wake me up to the song, “Good morning to you, good morning to you,we’re all in our places with sun shiny faces, and this is the way to start a new day”.  Drove me bananas! Not to burden my kids with that one, I used to wake them up with, “Up and at ’em, Atom Ant!”. I don’t know how that one started, but I used to do it enough that they will never forget it, nor ever want me to repeat it!

I’m sure all families have their own language and habits that they develop over the years, sometimes without even realizing it or knowing how ingrained it becomes in every day speech. I think I was in my early 20’s until I knew how to order a fried egg sunny side up without pointing at the picture in the menu!!

Waterlogue has turned me into an artiste!

app store imageLike the rest of us with our iPads and iPhones, I’ve loaded, deleted and forgotten many apps in the course of my ownership of said products. When the devices (or should I say vices!) were brand new I went app crazy for all kinds of games, news, productivity and even, dare I say it, educational apps, but alas most of them I just don’t use.  I find I use a dozen on a regular basis, and the rest are probably covered in cobwebs in the my virtual junk drawer.

Because of this I rarely, if ever, go trolling the app store for something new, but the other day I decided to check the ‘top charts’ and see what was shaking and low and behold I found this really great app called Waterlogue.

waterlogue It’s this really cool app that turns photos into watercolor images right before your eyes! Simply beautiful works of art that are magically painted right on your phone. It must be amazing because it actually costs money, and I still downloaded it!! 

It takes about 20 seconds (I know that long! Aren’t we all so jaded?) for the image to change from just a plain photo into a thing of beauty, so you can really see the virtual artist at work.  That’s really half the fun!

There are 13 different applications you can use to create your new image, and I’ve only really just begun experimenting, but as you can see the results are beautiful!

Sometimes I need my mommy!

Even though I’m a grown-up and well into middle-age, there are times I still wish my mommy was around for things like

~~Reminding me to hold the sleeves of my shirt when I put my coat on, so they don’t ride up my arm~~

~~Checking to make sure I got home okay~~

~~Encouraging (okay forcing) me to eat my veggies before I can have ice cream~~

~~Making sure I have enough cash before I leave the house~~

~~Checking to see if the car has gas~~

~~Driving me places, and dropping me off right in front~~

~~Telling me I’m the smartest, most talented (and the prettiest) girl in the world~~

~~and tucking me in at night!~~

While it would be nice to be a little kid again, of course it would have its drawbacks, like for example not being able to drink wine while playing on the computer!!