The other day I went to the Home Store to poke around and see if they had anything I wanted but didn’t need, and low and behold they did! I was rooting through the clearance baking pans, when this very classy woman with a French accent pointed out this interesting looking pan:


She told me it was a “madeleine” pan, and that she bakes madeleines for her friends who simply adore them. I had to admit to her that I had never heard of a madeleine or it’s seashell style pan, but her commentary intrigued me so I forked over the five-spot and set to baking.

I easily found this recipe  online and VIOLÁ,



They are crunchy on the outside and soft and cake-like on the inside and simply divine.
How fortutious that a chance encounter, taught me a new skill with such a delicious result.
Merci Mademoiselle!

8 thoughts on “Madeleines!

  1. Madeleines really were really made famous by Marcel Proust. He told the story of how eating a madeleine dunked in tea trigged a memory of his aunt. Since then teachers of psychology tell their students the story of Proust and the madeleine to illustrate involuntary memory.

  2. My children love them, yes they are very common here in France and very literary as you have just learned. You gave away the fact that you haven’t read Proust (like me) when you said you hadn’t heard of them. Now you may just have to add his first volume to your reading list! 🙂

    • You are correct Claire, I’ve never read Proust! I think I will have to read something soon. In France do they have different varieties or is the recipe fairly standard? I can’t believe I’ve gotten to this advanced age and never tasted one!

      • It’s fairly standard, in fact yours looked more posh than those I normally see with the icing sugar on the outside. A friend owns a small authentic Breton creperie here and whenever she serves coffee, there is always a lovely home-made madeleine offered on the side, it certainly keeps the customers coming back. Gourmand!

  3. Bon appetit!! They look delicious…you should have invited me over I love madeleines! I once bought some from these french nuns that were at a craft fair.

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