Laziness has become my middle name, as well as my first and my last!

couch-potatoWhen I quit working a few years ago, I had visions of clearing the clutter from my house, learning new things, reading lots of books and becoming incredibly fit, (and keep up with this blog!), but alas that hasn’t seemed to happen.

There is definitely something in my nature that makes me a highly motivated person once I open the door of my house and venture out in the world, and conversely a procrastinating sloth once I open the door to my abode and cross back over my own threshold. It’s a conundrum.

One great contributor of my do-nothingness at home stems from my great love of television. As soon as I flip on that set I know that no matter what manner of gar-barge is on I will always find something to watch. I am totally ashamed to admit that I am probably one of the few people in this world that loves reality television equally as well as the admittedly scripted kind.  I watch the singing, fashion, cooking and modeling competitions, all the housewives, and some with celebrities (nothing with a Kardashian, uck). I love the current crop of Alaskan reality tv shows; house buying, state troopers, and life below zero, and then there are all those great series on the History Channel about storage units and pawn shops, and of course all the ghost and psychic claptrap on a whole slew of networks.  Shameful, but oh so entertaining!

As you can see, that tractor beam from the television to my brain has a way of making it difficult to extract my posterior from the comfy couch which in turn only fuels my propensity for dilly dallying and shilly shallying!

Okay, it’s time to wind up this confessional blog post ’cause “The Amazing Race” is about to come on.

…I think I need a support group…


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