Long time, no write!

It’s been many moons since I’ve put digits to keyboard to compose a scintillating (pure sarcasm!) post for this blog. I have had a lack of focus for quite some time both with this blog, my book reading and any other aspects of my life that involve, well, focus. Maybe it’s the ping-ponging back and forth between the mid-west and Alaska, the absence of a daily agenda, or the fact that I’m just on the cusp of qualifying for some senior discounts, or possibly all of the above, but whatever it is I would like it to STOP!

Now “unfocused” does not necessarily correlate with “lazy” (well maybe a tad), because I’ve done a great deal of walking while feeling all higgledy- piggledy and out of sorts. I’ve done so much walking in fact that this week I’ve completed a major milestone on my FItbit pedometer…a MILLION STEPS in just under 3 months!
Now while that’s exciting and all, this spurt of putting feet to pavement hasn’t really done much for my slightly overweight physique, or my ability to touch my toes before first doing a deep knee bend, but it has certainly gotten me out of the house, and off the couch and it has done something more too, it made me realize I was focused all along it just was on something else for a change.


6 thoughts on “Long time, no write!

  1. If we multiply your steps by 2.5, assuming 2.5 feet per step, that is 2.5 million feet which divided by 5280, how many miles is it? Now just need a calculator. That’s a lot of miles!

  2. And has Jasmine walked 400 miles too! Maybe 800 for all the to-ing and fro-ing dogs do while waiting their owners to catch up and off sniffing here and there.

    Whatever the inclination just follow it, when we encounter resistance there’s usually a reason and then we return renewed. Enjoy the walking for itself and the feeling of being more healthy. 🙂

  3. This is really impressive Tracy! How do you feel? Any difference in energy level? Are you walking in this heat? Are you taking the pooch? Just think how many steps it would be for her!

    • Luckily I’ve been doing most of this walking in Alaska and before the oppressive heat hit the midwest! Jasmine has been my companion on most of my walks and sometimes I wish I could put a pedometer on her, because I’m sure she has out stepped me by miles!!

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