Tom Hanks as Walt Disney…mmmhm interesting…

I’m a huge lover of everything Disney related, I do the parks, I buy the t-shirts, watch all the movies, and admire the genius of Walt Disney immensely. I was a member of the Mickey Mouse Club in the early 60’s, and watched Wonderful World of Disney religiously on Sunday nights. I’ve drunk the kool-aid and I’m not ashamed to admit it, so when I saw the studio was filming a movie, “Saving Mr. Banks”, about the making of Mary Poppins I started stepping in time faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

But then I saw the trailer….

….Tom Hanks as Walt Disney isn’t really cutting it for me. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Hanks, and I’ve enjoyed many of his movies, but he just looks and sounds like Tom Hanks but with a penciled in mustache and a slight southern accent (not sure why he has an accent), but if I’m honest I can’t think of any of the current crop of actors trying to portray Walt Disney. So let’s hope I’m wrong, because this movie and story sound terrific, and the poster is pretty darn cute too!

Saving Mr. Banks Poster

Free Coffee for Flyers

Thanks to Travel Between The Pages for initially posting this! Now, if only O’Hare would get one of these machines 🙂

Travel Between The Pages


Earlier this month we shared a story about Molson Brewery‘s free beer vending machine promotion in Europe. Well now the Dutch coffee company Douwe Egberts is getting on the free bandwagon with a campaign that places free coffee dispensing machines in airports, with a slight catch. The coffee machines are equipped with facial recognition software and only dispense a cup when the machine detects a yawn from the user. The “Bye Bye Red Eye” vendors have already been a big hit with travelers passing through Johannesburg‘s Tambo International Airport. Where will they show up next?




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A “tropical” summer in Alaska

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn case you haven’t noticed global warming is causing havoc with the planet, and Alaska isn’t exempt from its effects. If you talk to anyone that’s lived here for a long time, they will tell you that this is the best summer they’ve ever experienced in Alaska. It’s sunny most days, the temperatures are soaring (mid-70’s ) and everyone is enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Usually when I’m visiting Alaska in the summer I always have a sweatshirt or light jacket handy, but this year I’ve even gone outside with shorts and a t-shirt~~a true sign of climate change if I’ve ever heard of one!

This beautiful weather has had another added benefit, it’s made this place even more gorgeous than it already is….of course ask me that the next time I’m here and there’s 4 feet of snow on the ground and I might be singin’ another tune!! In that case just remind me of what I’ve written here, so I can look back at these lovely pics!




Take a hike!

IMG_0929When I’m walking with the pooch through the neighborhood I can’t help but chuckle at how my strolls have changed over the years. When my kids were little, really little, and I was pushing them in their strollers I would be soaking in the sights and sounds and pointing out birdies, squirrels and pretty flowers to them along the way. Then when they got older, I would be huffing and puffing trying to keep up with them while they rode their Big Wheels, tricycles or big girl two wheelers, yelling at them to wait for me at the next corner and not to get too far ahead.

Eventually it wasn’t cool to walk with mom anymore but luckily for me I’ve always had a dog in my life who doesn’t mind in the least! That latest pooch is, of course, Jasmine. Now when Jasmine came into our family she was supposed to be a lap dog, our first small dog, but she definitely had a different idea. She ain’t nobody’s lap dog!  She’s rough and tumble, loves to run and fetch, and thankfully a walker extraordinaire!


We’ve logged a lot of miles, more than I ever realized until I started keeping track, and the fact that she expects numerous walks every day come, sun, rain or arctic snows, means I can’t rest on my couch all day long as I’d prefer.


Being small, and just over 8 years old (not me, the dog!) hasn’t stopped us from logging an average of 3-4 miles a day. While we mostly meander through our neighborhood(s), we do occasionally get to be a bit more adventurous and see some pretty amazing sights!

And just like when my kids were little, I find myself yapping away to the dog telling her to say “hello” to her (doggie) friend, and “hurry up and cross the street”, and “RUN, there’s a moose in that yard”! Well, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea.


But sometimes all that exercise can tire the little pup out…

…. and I won’t show you my picture ’cause it ain’t a pretty sight!

Long time, no write!

It’s been many moons since I’ve put digits to keyboard to compose a scintillating (pure sarcasm!) post for this blog. I have had a lack of focus for quite some time both with this blog, my book reading and any other aspects of my life that involve, well, focus. Maybe it’s the ping-ponging back and forth between the mid-west and Alaska, the absence of a daily agenda, or the fact that I’m just on the cusp of qualifying for some senior discounts, or possibly all of the above, but whatever it is I would like it to STOP!

Now “unfocused” does not necessarily correlate with “lazy” (well maybe a tad), because I’ve done a great deal of walking while feeling all higgledy- piggledy and out of sorts. I’ve done so much walking in fact that this week I’ve completed a major milestone on my FItbit pedometer…a MILLION STEPS in just under 3 months!
Now while that’s exciting and all, this spurt of putting feet to pavement hasn’t really done much for my slightly overweight physique, or my ability to touch my toes before first doing a deep knee bend, but it has certainly gotten me out of the house, and off the couch and it has done something more too, it made me realize I was focused all along it just was on something else for a change.