I loved World Book Night!

I’m so happy that I had the privilege of participating in World Book Night 2013. I was a bit anxious today when I set out to pass out my 20 copies of “Girl With the Pearl Earring“, but once I gave away that first title, things became much easier and my only regret was that I didn’t have 20 more to giveaway!


I had a couple of criteria in my own mind about who I wanted to share my books with, I didn’t want to just drop them off at one place, I wanted to give them to a variety of ages, and I wanted to give a few to people I know but not that well.  It didn’t quite go as planned, but you know what they say, “the best laid plans of mice and men…

I had the great idea of heading to my local coffee shop, and while enjoying a cup of Joe passing out a few copies, then I was going to walk around town and pass out the rest whenever the mood struck me.  Well, our continuous precipitation foiled this scenario, and I ended up giving the majority of them away in and around the coffee shop. I still tried to give them to a variety of people, although I have to say I felt more comfortable giving them to women for some reason.

The reactions I got were pretty positive, although there were a couple of skeptics that I think thought I was passing out religious tracts, but I fooled them!  It felt great when a clerk from my local drug store said in all the years she’s worked at the store no one has ever given her anything, and when one lady got so excited when she found out the movie with Scarlett Johansson had been a book first.

I hope I get a chance to do it again next year and maybe someone who got one of my books today will volunteer next year!


6 thoughts on “I loved World Book Night!

  1. It is such a great idea, the giving to people who don’t normally read and getting the people who do, out there engaging with people, introducing them to the wonderful world of reading. I can’t participate, but have been waiting to read posts like yours, to feel something of the spirit of the evening. I am glad it went well for you and perhaps staying in one place where people come and go isn’t such a bad idea, rather than carrying heavy books around. Giving to people stuck all day behind a shop counter sounds like a wonderful idea, what joy to have created that special, memorable moment for the lady in the drug store. Good on you Tracy.

    • It was a great feeling to pass on my love of reading and have people react with true delight when they received a free book! I applaud all those who organize this massive effort and the brilliant people who thought of it in the first place!

  2. I’m so good you had a good experience, even though it didn’t go quite like you had planned originally. I’m definitely not brave enough to do it myself, but I’m so glad that something like this exists!

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