snow, snow go away..come again another day

So, when I arrived here in Anchorage five weeks ago there wasn’t much snow. I was disappointed for the Jazzer, ’cause the dog loves her snow piles, but I was happy for me because the less snow the better. But I should have known that this is Alaska, and well winter wasn’t over just yet…Not by a long shot!

anchorage winter

It’s snowed over 30″ since I’ve gotten here and snow is in the forecast for parts of this week! Even the residents here are sick of it, and this is probably because just a week ago, the streets were clear, the sun was shining and it had cracked 40 degrees.

Spring fever was definitely in the air and just like in the lower 48 when the temperatures rise, people are out washing vehicles, riding bikes and jogging, the difference being that it’s still pretty cold and there are three foot piles of snow, but Alaskans are much hardier than I will ever be!

alaskan winter

So we continue to bundle up with all the winter gear, parkas, hats, mittens, scarfs and ice grippers, except for one of us who is happy as a pig in s#&*!

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