Okay that headline probably doesn’t seem too crazy considering I am currently spending my annual weeks in exile up in Alaska, and even the midwest is still getting pelted with snow, but even for Anchorage the current snowfall coming down is pretty excessive.IMG_0390

The snow started falling during the early hours on Sunday and it is still coming down on this Monday morning with no plans of stopping until sometime on Tuesday. Now that’s a lot of snow!

For the first time in many moons I am literally snowed in, which seems crazy to me in this day and age. You would think that here in a snowy state like Alaska they would be on top of stuff like snowy streets, but you would be wrong! They do a mediocre job of clearing the streets and they don’t use salt they use gravel.

Last night on the local news they said the plows would come out after 11 pm and plow all night to get ready for Monday morning. I guess that was the first time they were coming out to clear the already 8 plus inches on the ground. Crazy, huh?IMG_0389

But people here are a hardier lot than I am, plus they have cars and trucks with studded tires and four-wheel drive, we, on the other hand, own a 1990 something vehicle with lousy tires, so I guess that makes them hardier by default!

But I am also a bit of a spoiled princess! I’m used to living in a town near a big city where the streets are plowed quickly and efficiently and everyone on the block owns a snow blower. Here in our little condo neighborhood we have a couple of guys with shovels clearing the front stoop and little bobcat vehicle trying to clear the snow from the driveways and streets. I think they are finding it a bit of a losing battle as fast and heavy as this snow is coming down! I feel for them I really do.IMG_0397

Little Jazz is also finding it a bit bewildering. She loves the snow, but this morning’s depth of the white stuff left her confused and paralyzed with indecision about how to navigate her way around the unplowed driveway and streets. She pretty much sticks to the tire grooves to walk but even those were and are filling up quickly with snow.

Our shoveled front walkway

Our shoveled front walkway

Right now as I look out the window it’s become a swirling, pelting, blowing white out, which has totally obscured any view of the majestic mountains normally within my view. I’m really glad I don’t have to venture out in this and it’s not such a bad thing to be snowed in when you have a nice warm place to wait out the storm, plenty of reading material, adequate food supplies, electricity, and communication with the outside world, it could be worse! Although it could be better because I’m out of beer!!



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