Oh, the weather outside is icy!

photo-4Here in Alaska the neighborhood side streets are ice skating, hockey playing slick. It’s treacherous and pretty scary taking that first step off of the driveway onto the glass-like surface that greets me every chilly morning when Jasmine and I start out on our morning constitutional.  So the other day I got smart and bought myself some grippers for my shoes.

IMG_0088Man these things are great, although a bit loud!

There is no chance of me sneaking up on any wild life, or for that matter hearing any if they decide to sneak up on me!


7 thoughts on “Oh, the weather outside is icy!

  1. Those grippers look great — showed Steven so he can get a pair for next winter when he takes the dogs out for their first out. We are still getting some snow — some flakes today downtown but I am thinking most likely our days of super slick driveways are over for this season.

      • I was in London this week and watched a couple have lunch in the cafe we were in while their poor dog hunched down outside, without putting her backside on the footpath and carefully lifted one paw after the other, it being so cold. I tell you it was a relief when they asked if we minded the dog coming inside, because we were at seats in the window, watching the poor thing squatting and freezing – it’s fine when they are moving, but they’re not that much different to us when it comes to standing in the freezing cold weather.

      • Well I’ve just been reading all about that morphic fields and the like, she’s tapping into not just her own memories and experiences but the experiences of any other dog that has lived around there in the past! 🙂

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