Hotels are getting Book Smart

Today I read an article in USA Today that was very encouraging indeed! Hotels seem to becoming hip, like us book worms have always been, and adding libraries to their properties. Like this new library room in the Capitol Hill Hotel in Washington, D.C.capitol-hill-hotel-library-4_3_r541_c540

This is nothing new of course and libraries have been included in some hotels for many years, or at least many years ago, but recently hotels have turned their backs on the written word. They have instead been more interested in configuring room in the common areas for internet usage. The book was more of a decorative item, something glued in place along with other nick nacks on shelves in their lobbies. I know this because I have sometimes tried to read one of these decorative pieces and been shocked, appalled, and yes embarrassed, when I placed my dainty digits on the spine and found resistance where there should have been none!

There has always been one exception to this rule and that is Country Inns & Suites, a clean, moderate hotel chain, that has always had a small lending library in their small, but inviting lobbies. CIS_Read_It_web_headerweb

They have a variety of titles, that must be published just for them, which they ‘lend’ out. If you don’t finish the book while you are there, then you can take it with you, and if you stop by one of their hotels another time you can return it then. I have to admit I still have two titles currently on my bookshelves…sorry Country Inns & Suites…I will return them next time!

There is also The Library Hotel in NYC, which I have never seen, but have always dreamed of staying at one day. It’s a bit pricy though, so maybe I can just sneak in and just take a look at the lobby.  It looks pretty cool!Library-Hotel

If you get a chance read the article, it has a list of some of the hotel properties that are finally figuring out that books aren’t just for decorating anymore!


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