The Racketeer by John Grisham

john grishamThe John Grisham of old has returned with another terrific page turner! It’s so satisfying to read the prose of a familiar author and know that the story will be strong from the first paragraph on the first page all the way to the period at the end of the last sentence.

I know a lot of Grisham’s readers haven’t always been satisfied with his excursions away from the legal thrillers that made him rich and famous, but I’m not one of those. I’ve enjoyed his sports themed books, like ‘Calico Joe’ , Ford County, his short story collection, and one of my favorites, Skipping Christmas, the extremely comical holiday tale.

But I have to admit I don’t think anyone writes a better legal thriller than Grisham, and he is back in rare form with his latest release,¬†‘The Racketeer’. Malcolm Bannister, a disgraced attorney, is sitting in a federal prison for a crime he didn’t commit. His life his pretty depressing, besides the obvious jail address! His wife has left him and he misses his kid, he has a long sentence ahead of him and no hope of getting out anytime soon, or does he? A Federal Judge has been murdered and law enforcement is stymied, but our jailbird might just have an idea of who done it and of course he’s willing to help out for a favor.

This is when the plot thickens, as they say, and becomes a real page turner. What information does Malcolm have? What is his connection with the Federal Judge if any? Will he earn his ‘get out of jail free card’? Inquiring minds want to know and so will you if you decide to read this book! If you’ve strayed from Grisham in the past I urge you to pick up his latest and start reading, you won’t be able to put it down.


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