To decide or not to decide, that is my dilemma

English: New Year's Resolutions postcard

I know that this is the time of year to take stock of the past 365 days, look for ways to improve oneself, and resolve to do better in the future, but I know that when I make a mental list of these resolutions I’m only setting my psyche up for disappointment. I am just horrible at following through with New Year’s resolutions!

The only time I can remember keeping one of them was actually this past year, when I was determined to lose weight for my daughter’s wedding, and my inability to find a suitable garment to wear to the event forced me to follow through with this one resolution.

My other resolutions of spending less time watching TV, giving back to the community by volunteering, eating fewer sweets and more salads, and reading a classic each month fell by the wayside. See, my failures trump my successes I’m afraid 😦

So this year I’m going to try to not be so hard on myself and only make one official resolution and I’ve decided to make that a bookish one! I am going to start reading some of the many unread books I have in my collection. This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but I have amassed so many books over the years, that the scale is decidedly tipped towards the unread side, as opposed to the read side.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This situation became even more apparent to me this holiday season when I was able to make not one, but two book Christmas trees out of all the pulp I have piled up around the house!  When you are carefully crafting a book Christmas tree, and you have to locate perfectly sized literature for its construction, you are forced to actually to come face to face with certain titles that were at one time on the top of your ‘to be read pile’ and now have somehow gotten relegated to the ‘dusty forgotten pile’.

Pile of my books

I’ve decided to liberate these lonely, forgotten titles, and resolve to read at least one of these shelf dwellers for every three new titles I lay my eyeballs on. I know this won’t be an easy resolution to keep, because there are so many lovely new books coming out in 2013, but I must try at least.

Of course mentally I’m also running through a list of other resolutions I should make….lose weight, exercise more, volunteer, be nicer, have more patience, eat better, clean up the clutter….yada, yada, yada…

I think I will stick with just one resolution this year…fingers crossed I can keep it!!



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