Focus is not my Forte

After my last post where I scurried to make room for my Christmas decorations, which have still not made it out of the box I might add, I got bitten by a bit of a unclutter bug. Another Christmas miracle I do believe!
Yesterday I worked on the mother of all archaeological digs,  my kitchen pantry. I can tell you it was a humbling experience reaching way, way back in there and finding three unopened bottles of mustard, salad dressing I bought last Christmas when the kids came to visit, a teeny weeny bottle of ketchup I pocketed from a flight to England (it was so cute!) and oodles of past their sale date items.  While embarrassing enduring this pantry cleanse, the liberating feeling afterwards more than made up for it!


So today I decided to tackle some more purging….the dreaded magazine rack! It’s been many moons since I’ve purchased or ordered a magazine, but I have kept some of my favorites for viewing later, and while ‘later’ never seems to come I just can’t bear to toss them. The lament of all hoarders…
I also stuff maps, catalogues, and a variety of other papery things up there on occasion and then forget to look at them.  Sheesh, all this soul bearing is started to seem like the beginning of a 10 step program for squirrels of the human variety!

Anyway, I finally began reading my one year subscription to “Fine Books & Collections” magazine, so that I could recycle them. But during my perusal I kept jotting down websites I wanted to visit, and antique books I need to further research, and then I had to keep jumping up to see if I actually owned any of these titles they talked about.


….focus, not my forte!

But in the end I did recycle a substantial pile of pulp, discovered some forgotten books on my shelves, and learned about a fascinating woman named, Sarah Wyman Whitman, one of the first graphic book designers in America.

Sarah Wyman Whitman

Her book covers are gorgeous. I don’t think I own any of her designs, but I have other titles that must have been influenced by her style.
Perhaps a post for another day, because now I’m going to clean out my desk drawers! Oh mercy, give me strength!


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