♫ ♫Deck the Halls with overflow books..fa la la ♫♫

This week, the week after Thanksgiving, is when I try to start my Christmas decorating. Every year I find it more and more difficult to motivate myself to drag the numerous plastic tubs of stockings. garland, tinsel, and ornaments from the basement, up to the living room, where the annual excavation of years worth of home-made ornaments, sentimental keepsakes, my Santa Claus collection and discount bargains from last year’s after Christmas sale, begins.


just a sampling 🙂

A few years ago I purchased some aptly colored green and red tubs (okay and some ugly beige and blue ones too) to be more organized, but usually I’m so burnt out after the holiday season that I do get a might careless when I put everything away come January, and, well, maybe everything goes a little higglety pigglety, and the lights end up in the Santa box, the garland in the stocking box….and you get it, I count it as a Christmas miracle if I can find anything the next year!

And this year I seem to have discovered another teensy weensy problem…..my books seem to have multiplied like rabbits over the past year and all available space (which wasn’t much to begin with), has totally disappeared…I’m officially a HO HO HOARDER!

Moving the objects of my obsession was the only solution, but where to move them……


Books and Christmas, two of my favorite things!!

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6 thoughts on “♫ ♫Deck the Halls with overflow books..fa la la ♫♫

  1. Ahh … books, decluttering, Christmas … all things that are near to my heart these particular days! I like your solution – but am not sure it would work on piles of clothes and papers and office supplies quite as well as it does on a picturesque pile of books….

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