Election Day has FINALLY arrived!


After many, many months of political speeches, ads and debates we here in the United States are finally ready to cast our votes for President. It is such a numbingly long political season that by this point a lot of us are just as excited to stop the madness of the campaigning as we are to see who will be our next Chief Executive!

Some of us have already cast our votes, thanks to early voting, and others will be lining up to have their voices heard tomorrow…a lot of them by the looks of the early voting lines in some battleground states…but I just hope that everyone who wants to vote gets that opportunity.

So get out there and vote!


2 thoughts on “Election Day has FINALLY arrived!

  1. We are pretty into it on this side of ‘the pond’. It’s main story on TV, Radio and in press here and there are all night TV programmes as results come in. If an honest don’t think it has quite the same interest here as when Obama first elected – that caused real excitement here – but the closeness of it this time keeping me interested! An almost as interested in who becomes President as an in who becomes our Prime Minister. (Give me Obama over Cameron any day!)

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