Goodreads Choice Awards

Guess what? One more book award to tell you about!

Of course if you’re reading a post about books you might already frequent the stupendous Goodreads site, and if you don’t, I hope you will check it out soon!

Anyhoo, Goodreads, for the lack of a better definition, is a book social networking site, well, it’s really more than that because you can certainly use it without being social at all. It’s very useful for keeping a list of books that you’ve read or books that you want to read, or even books you are currently reading. The site enables you to rate the books you’ve read by a 5 star method, and also put in your ‘two-cents’ in a review if you so desire. You can start a book group, or be part of book group, try your hand at some trivia, and even enter to win some book giveaways. And if you are just considering picking up a title, you can look it up, read the synopsis and see what other people think about, or Goodreads will give you suggestions for what to read next based on your past reads.  Okay, enough with the public service announcement and on to the awards 🙂

This is the fourth year that Goodreads has held their Goodreads Choice Awards. There are three rounds of voting, and the winners are chosen by the votes placed by all of us readers. Yeah, control at last!! There are 20 categories, including Fiction, Horror, Science Fiction and Young Adult Fiction. In the first round there are 15 books in each category plus a write-in, the Semi-Final round includes the top 5 write-in picks, bringing the total to 20.  After that vote, it’s whittled down to 10, and the Final Round of voting takes place bringing us to the winner in each category. It’s kind of like the People Choice awards but for the book world.

I don’t vote in all the categories, but I usually always have at least one favorite in the categories that I do read. It’s really fun to see which books get the write-in votes, and which books make it through each round.

So as they say here in Chicago,

“Vote early, and vote often”


One thought on “Goodreads Choice Awards

  1. Reblogged this on Deb's Answers and commented:
    Consider write-in votes for the first round even if you want to vote for one of the nominated books. They will all be there in the second round, you don’t have to vote for the same book in all three rounds.

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