Irish Book Awards 2012

I wanted to share another book award I’ve just recently discovered!  You would think that my love of Ireland would have made me aware of the Irish Book Awards before this, but again I realize just how inadequate my knowledge of all things bookish really is!

The major sponsor of the awards is Bord Gáis Energy Company, a highly literary energy company by the looks of their website!  As quoted on their website they have entered into a three-year sponsorship with the Irish Book Awards, “to share our customer’s passion for books and reading”. This is even more in evidence by the fact that they sponsor their own Bord Gáis Book Club, which features books of the month, reviews and even contests.  Very cool!

The Award’s shortlist was just announced on October 25, 2012 and the winner in each of the twelve categories will be announced on November 22nd, 2012. Unlike some other awards, the winners from Ireland are determined by a public and book industry vote.

There are six titles shortlisted in each category, and I really love the fact that not only is there a category for the Novel of the Year, but one for the Popular Fiction book of the Year as well, and this year they’ve introduced a Cookbook of the Year category. What’s also marvelous is that they’ve included an award for all those hard-working booksellers throughout Ireland, so they can get some well deserved recognition.

So, if you’re interested in getting even more new titles to add to your ever growing ‘to be read’ list, click on one of the links above and peruse the Irish Book Award Shortlist!

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