Authorish Auction

The auction house Profiles in History has announced a tantalizing auction of correspondence, manuscripts and personal items from some of the world’s greatest authors. Beginning on December 18, 2012 they will begin auctioning 300 of the most important pieces from this private collection of over 30,000 items including,

a lock of hair from Edgar Alan Poe,

a 1910 letter from L. Frank Baum to his son Robert,

and this letter from Raymond Chandler to his editor denouncing the McCarthy hearings.

I know that I will never be able to afford any of these priceless pieces, but I sure wish I could just take a gander at them! There isn’t any information on who this private collector is (or was) or why these items are being sold at this time, but that certainly adds a bit of mystery to the whole thing doesn’t it?

I do know one thing, whoever owned all these items was certainly my kind of person!


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