Book Spine Poetry

I’m always the last one to the party, so if you’ve already heard about Book Spine Poetry just go back to surfing the web and I will enlighten the other lollygaggers!

Book Spine Poetry is exactly what it sounds like, poetry made from book titles found on your shelves.

“sweet clover, rose in bloom, a speckled bird~~our village”

I was listening to the Books on the Nightstand Podcast while walking Princess Jasmine and they were talking about this novel (pun intended) art form.  Ann and Michael, the two hosts of BOTNS, even offered up their submissions from books found on their own shelves, and they’ve set up a Yogile page for other podcast listeners to post their poetry.
When I got back from my walk I decided to take a crack at this seemingly simple task. Guess what? It’s not so simple! I have many reasons why I can’t seem to come up with a half way decent book spine poem. Too many old books, too many non-fiction books, my desire to rhyme and of course my total lack of skill!

“Give the Lady What She Wants!
Troubadours and Courts of Love, Homestead on the Hillside, The House on Tradd Street”

But I did really make an effort this evening and I have posted two of the best of the worst compositions 🙂

If you feel so inclined, I would love to see what you come up with… it really is a fun challenge!

4 thoughts on “Book Spine Poetry

  1. I’ve heard of Book Spine Poetry before, but never attempted it myself – but now you’ve inspired me. Once we unpack our book boxes (after we get some shelves) I may have to try it out… I’m pretty impressed with your attempts. I think I like the first one best.

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