Check ‘Go to a State Fair’ off the Bucket List!


I bet when I posted that I was fulfilling a wish on my bucket list while in Alaska, you thought it was going to be something exciting like white water rafting, or zip lining or even mountain climbing, but no, this tick of the pen goes next to something I’ve always wanted to do ~~ Attend a State Fair.

I know not very exciting, huh?

So maybe it wasn’t high on my priority list but it was definitely on there. See I grew up going to two County Fairs in Ohio almost every summer with my family and friends. Then when my kids were little I took them to the County Fair too. But I’ve never made the trek to the BIG ONE, the State Fair. We’ve never lived close enough for one thing and I guess we never felt like spending money on a hotel room for an overnight stay, but with the Alaska State Fair located only an hour a way in Palmer, Alaska, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

They had all the usual stuff you expect at a fair…


Ribbons given out for bake goods, crafts and flowers…

Gigantic Produce…

Fried Fattening Food and Scary Carnival Rides …
(I ate my fried Halibut too quickly for a pic, and I did NOT ride this scary swingy-bungy thingy!)

and then a few things I didn’t expect…

TIny Daredevils (the youngest was 3 years old!)…

A Wine Bar (we had to check it out!)…..

Alaskan Native Dancers (this lady was so joyful and cute!)….

And Gorgeous Scenery…..

I don’t think I ever expected to be at a State Fair with views like that!

It was a terrific day, and I even remembered to¬†make a guess in the Annual Giant Cabbage Weigh-Off, 119.85 pounds, sure hope it’s a winner!!



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