Bookmark Hoarder (and proud of it!)

I love the physicality of books and all the little accessories that we book lovers like to accumulate. Unlike other interests and hobbies we book people are pretty undemanding when it comes to what we need to make our experience a pleasurable one. Just give us the book, a place to sit, lay down or lean and a bit of lighting and we are pretty much set to read anytime, any place, anywhere. We really are a low maintenance group of individuals!

But some of us do like to show off a little of our personalities with a lil’ somethin’ somethin’~~

I have bookmarks from vacations, other people’s vacations and just because….and like a lot of people I can NEVER find one when I need one. Then I resort to whatever piece of paper is within reach…an envelope, a receipt, a kleenex (unused of course!)…and from my time working in libraries I am not the only one using this method of place keeping. We’ve found (and returned when possible), credit card bills, money, photos and even airplane tickets….and of course special bookmarks.

So today I’ve noticed that the Art Ori Design Studio has come up with some bookmarks that I must possess.

I have to say this is not the first time I’ve written about Ori Niv’s designs on my blog. There is something so appealing about the whimsy and functionality of everything he has created and obviously he must be a book lover! Currently I haven’t found a place to purchase these gems, but you can bet as soon as one is found I will be buying a couple of them!


5 thoughts on “Bookmark Hoarder (and proud of it!)

  1. I can empathise with the using ‘whatever’ as temporary book marks. We are packing to move house and as I’ve crated my books I’ve found all sorts of things as bookmarks – including a £20 note in one book! Now though my biggest problem in hanging onto bona fide bookmarks is stopping my daughters puppy eating them!

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