Reader’s Block

I am suffering from a problem that I find incomprehensible and I hope is curable–Reader’s Block!  For the past three weeks I have not read more than two paragraphs in a book and I have had absolutely no longing or desire to crack open a spine, flip a page, or peruse some text. Unheard of!!  Sacrebleu!

I have to say I’m slightly scared because if I don’t have reading as part of my life than really who am I?? I hate to sound so dramatic but there hasn’t been a time in my life when I can remember not eyeing that next book on the shelf that I am ready to read once I finish the book in my hand, or wondered when I would get to visit the library or my favorite bookstore again.  I am heart and soul a bibliophile!

Growing up our house was chock-full of books. Of course when I was little I didn’t realize that not every household was like mine with teetering piles of Book of the Month Club novels on my Mom’s bedroom floor, shelves sagging with ancient school books and an entire library of Golden Books at the end of my bed. I was lucky!

And my house today is the same way I’m afraid! What some might call messy with books I might call brimming with books. My accumulation of old smelly books are front and center  on my family room bookshelves. The more modern books are on shelves in my bedroom with the overflow on the bedroom floor, a la my dear old Mom and the basement has several plastic tubs full of those same Golden Books that I read as a child. I am literally surrounded by publications from every century and every genre….a bookworm’s shangri-la!

So this brings me back to my current problem…no lust for lit….is there a pill for that??


14 thoughts on “Reader’s Block

  1. Oh dear what a horrible problem. I’m not suprised you feel down about it, I’m sure though that you wil get your reading mojo back given time. Maybe you are just a bit over tired with all you have had going on. Why not try a little light re-reading – an old favourite, something light or that you know ends well, a childhood favourite perhaps. Or maybe a few short stories that you can dip in and out of.
    If you just give yourself some dedicated reading time – say half an hour – make yourself do it – then maybe you’ll find your old enthusiasm will gradually come back. I hope so : )
    All the best with it.

    • Thanks! I knew my fellow bookish peeps would understand! I think maybe I need to hide the computer and my tv remote for a few days and that might help a lot! Of course now the Olympics are on and I have to turn on the tv for that 🙂 Hopefully it’s just a slump!

  2. I imagine it might have something to do with everything you’ve been through in the last couple of weeks – I’m like you, never without a book or at least the desire for one – but sometimes after lots of emotional stress (not necessarily bad stress!) I feel a little empty and tired. I usually pick up something totally light and fluffy when I feel that way. Absolutely nothing emotionally charged – some easy reading chick lit or a light mystery, maybe?

    Either way I say go for watching the Olympics for a while and read when you want to read. I am sure it’ll come back soon enough. 🙂

  3. I think it’s natural to want a break every now and then, otherwise all that absorbed emotion and plotting would make you respond very weirdly to real life. Enjoy some time in the er, ‘real’ world. Send a postcard… 😉

  4. I wouldn’t worry too much! I understand it must be disheartening, but if you’re a true bookworm, you’ll eventually find your way back to your books. =D

  5. Taking time out is never a bad thing, i’s just creating a space for the return of the hunger. I’m in a slow period myself and it is summer – I’m ok with all that, despite thinking it would be a period where I would read copiously. Am really enjoying brief snippets of the Olympics too.

    Enjoy your time and rest assured the desire will return.

  6. I’m having the same problem at the moment! I can’t seem to get into any book that I pick up. I typically read about 8 books per month and I only read three or four in July, I think…

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