Taos County, New Mexico. Children line up for ...

When I was a little kid I LOVED bookmobile day. It didn’t come around nearly enough for me (probably once a month), which is probably why I was shaking with anticipation while I was waiting for the truck to pull into the church parking lot by our house. I can still remember holding my mom’s hand while I struggled to climb those ginormous steps up into that sweet smelling book Shangri-La. It was heaven, and usually hot and crowded too because of course there were quite a few of us practically wetting our pants with excitement!

The librarian, would let each of us check out 5 books. I would carefully pick out my selections, then take them to where she sat on a wooden stool next to a small countertop and wait while she stamped the due date cards one by one and placed them in my books.  When I got a bit older our small town finally got a tiny library and then we were no longer on the bookmobile route. It was a good thing, but I sure missed the mobile library a lot!

The Biblioburro in La Gloria, Columbia serves that same function, and watching this video shows me that these children are just as excited to see their mobile library as I was to see mine!

It is truly inspiring to see what grade school teacher Luis Soriano has done to spread the joy of reading among his neighbors!


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