The Man from Primrose Lane

If you want a book that will knock your socks off then this is the one I would choose! I initially picked this book up because of its setting and the author’s birthplace, Akron. In case you didn’t know already I’m originally from northeast Ohio, in my opinion one of the greatest places on earth, and even though I haven’t lived there for a quite a while I still think of it as home. So, whenever I find a book, movie or television show set in and around the area I always have to give it a try!

The Man from Primrose Lane by James Renner is one of those books that pulls you in from the moment you read the first page. The first character we meet is an oddball and the subject of this book. The Man from Primrose Lane is an old man, and a bit of a hermit a la Howard Hughes, who’s affectation is to wear a different pair of mittens every moment of every day come winter or summer. He seems to have no friends or family and is kept in food and supplies by a local neighbor, who is paid for this service as well as his silence. When the errand boy discovers mitten man murdered, the police are unable to solve the case or in fact to even learn the identity of the man from Primrose Lane.

Four years later we are introduced to author David Neff. David is the book worlds equivalent of a one hit wonder. The only book he’s written, a true crime novel about an Ohio serial killer, has made him a vast fortune.  We soon learn though that all this money has not bought him much happiness. He’s a widower with a small son, suffers from depression, and has no motivation to write another word. He’s lost his mojo ~~that is, until he becomes obsessed with the unsolved murder of the hermit from Primrose Lane.

This book is full of twists and turns and turns the conventional novel formula on its head. A real page turner that made me wish I could turn the pagers faster!


2 thoughts on “The Man from Primrose Lane

  1. Liked your review. And as someone who is very much up for having my socks blown off this has been added to my What Next list. Sounds like it’ll be a good read!
    I completely agree with you about the ‘pull’ of home. I haven’t lived in Glasgow for over thirty years but it will always be home – and in the same way you do for Ohio, I’m automatically attracted to any books or films set in Scotland!

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