Fiction Uncovered 2012

I had never heard of Fiction Uncovered until I read Savidgereads most recent blog post. I’m sure one of the major reasons being that it is exclusively dedicated to contemporary British fiction and the other being that there is a great deal in this world that I do not know about!

Fiction Uncovered‘s panel of judges pick eight of their favorite British fiction titles, which may have flown under the radar, and then promote the heck out of them through their various sponsors, website and blog.  This helps these undiscovered books get the attention they deserve, plus it gives us the reader eight new titles to add to our TBR lists! Sounds like a marvelous idea and a great way for these books to get some recognition.

I’m not too sure how many of these books have been published in the states,  but I do know that all eight of them are available for purchase online. I have already added several to my to-read shelf (which is groaning under its own weight!) on Goodreads.

~Thanks again to Simon for keeping me up on everything bookish!!~


2 thoughts on “Fiction Uncovered 2012

  1. Great minds think alike! I read Simons post yesterday and did exactly the same as you – and my What Next list is makIng similar noises!! When I go in the study at home the What Bext shelves are on the first bookcase by the door and I actually feel guilty looking at them! Maybe to lessen the guilt I’ll start storing them under the bed!!

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