Book pet peeve

I am currently reading a book that, even though I’m only half way through, will definitely just get an average rating from me on Goodreads. It’s just okay, but I’m so far into it now that I feel like I’m past the point of stopping. But that is neither here nor there..what this book has got me thinking about is a pet peeve of mine with some authors (which is maybe why I’m not loving this book!).  My peeve being that when an author is giving birth to their characters, so to speak, and giving them personalities and names why do some think it’s a good idea to have numerous characters with names that all begin with the same letter.

Maybe for them it has some meaning? But for me the reader, who isn’t yet invested in these characters, it makes it terribly confusing sometimes. It drives me bonkers having to flip back a few pages and think which young, blonde newspaper woman is Tamara and which one is Tania. The book in question also has a character referred to as Tait. Three main female characters all beginning with TA. Surely this is done on purpose?

Does anyone else have problems with this? Or do I just rant alone??!

~~and honestly, no dogs were harmed in the making of this post….I was only holding Jasmine’s head up for the camera, and this is her pet peeve!


6 thoughts on “Book pet peeve

  1. So either its intentional or its something to do with the subconscious, I am guilty of having named my two children (in real life) not just with the same first letter but also the same second letter – totally unintentional, but coincidentally, naming them came after the naming of the two characters in my novel, which are male/female and also start with the same letter A, it was years before I realised all this and I still wonder how it came about, could I even come up with another A name that I like today – I’m not sure, at least with the novel I could still change them, but those two characters have been around so long now it feels as bad as it would be to change the name of my children.

    But in the case you cite above, the names not only have the same letter, they sound the same, which I think can add to the confusion. So do my character names sound similarl I wonder Alfredo (sometimes referred to as Fred) and Amber? Oh and the girl character has a dog which also has her name, but that was definitely deliberate. Yes, I’m definitely guilty!

    • Thanks for insight from an author (and mother’s) perspective 🙂 I don’t think I would be confused with the names Alfredo and Amber, as they don’t sound alike, unlike the characters in the book I was ranting about! I think a lot of the problem with the book I’m reading is not only do their names seem the same, but also their descriptions and occupations. Very confusing…at least for me! Now I need to read your book as I feel so silly that I haven’t done so before!

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