I love getting mail!

I don’t know how it is in the rest of the world but here in the states most of the mail we receive is of the junk variety. You know the kind that goes right into the nearest recycling bin or trash can unlooked at and unwanted.  But yesterday was a red letter day, because not only did I have two cards in the mail from actual people I know and love, but I also found a large envelope, with a foreign postmark, and no earthly idea what it could be.  It was very exciting believe you me…and I am not being sarcastic!

It turned out to be a surprise from Persephone Books, their catalogue, The Persephone Biannually and a bookmark!

I’m sure I must have requested it at some point but because of my diminishing brain cells it turned out to be a total surprise. It’s good to know that middle-age does have some benefits!

I am so excited to sit down and take a dip into the catalogue and figure out what delights I’m going to order next.


4 thoughts on “I love getting mail!

  1. I love Persephone Books, such a wonderful idea and such a success, a real revolution for women, and so many of them will never know about it, how their works have been resurrected and are being read with as much pleasure today as ever.

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