Childhood Book Memories

Jasmine and I made it home safe and sound early last Thursday morning and it’s taken me a few days to reacclimate to my old surroundings, so I’ve been a little slow in getting something posted. You wouldn’t think that a three-hour time difference would cause jet lag, but I think the combination of that and a red-eye flight took its toll on the pooch and me.

We’ve managed to slowly get back in our old walking routine. It’s terrific to have sidewalks again, very little dust and dirt, and no fear of giant moose hiding behind trees (I do kind of miss Mildred though!). Because I no longer need to be as alert as I was in Anchorage I am finally able to listen to a podcast during our strolls. I sure did miss that part of my routine!

I picked my favorite podcast to listen to first, The Readers! I started with Episode 26, Three Generations of ReadersIn this episode Simon interviews his Nan, Mom and little sister about their reading habits and their love of books. When Simon asked them about what books they loved as children it got me to thinking about mine.

My mom loved reading and I always remember having lots of books around our house. My mom belonged to the Reader’s Digest Book Club and another club that sold only mysteries, her favorite genre. She also loved a bit of poetry and movie star bios.

When I was little we read a lot of Little Golden Books and Dr. Seuss. (all of which I still have, as my mom and dad saved everything!) When I was older I gravitated towards ‘The Bobbsey Twins‘, ‘The Five Little Peppers‘ and ‘Nancy Drew‘, and in junior high and high school I read mostly non-fiction with a sprinkling of fiction thrown in.

The Lonely Doll

The Lonely Doll (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But getting back to childhood books, the books that left a lasting impression on me and were my absolute favorites were ‘The Lonely Doll‘ and ‘Edith and Mr. Bear‘, by Dare Wright.  Both of these books were filled with photographs taken by Ms. Wright using her childhood doll Edith.

I loved Edith and the two bears she lived with, Mr. Bear and Little Bear. The posing of these three dolls in various domestic pursuits fascinated and intrigued me and I would reread them over and over again. Finding them in a box a few years ago brought back so many cherished memories and I marveled at the photographs all over again.

Dare Wright

Dare Wright (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few years ago a biography was written about Wright, The Secret Life of the Lonely Doll: The Search for Dare Wright’. I almost wished I hadn’t read it because it shattered the allusion I had of the beautiful photographer and model pictured on the jacket flap of the book. In reality she had a sad life and a very lonely one. I hope she realized how important her books were to some little girls. I know I’ve never forgotten them!

Are there any books that have remained with you?


6 thoughts on “Childhood Book Memories

  1. That’s uncanny that you blogged about this topic. Over the weekend I was thinking about books that my grandparents used to read to me when I was a tot and then I found some that I bought at a garage sale. Interesting…

  2. We didn’t have many books at home as I grew up though I do remember my parents having a brief dalliance with Readers Digest, but I think it was more about books as ornamental furnishings than books as reading material. So my local library was a haven and the librarians were always great with recommendations and the like. I loved Classics (Treasure Island and Count of Monte Cristo were my particular favourites) and also liked mystery and adventure like “The Hardy Boys” and “Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators” but even at that age alpha-male stereotyping made me steer well clear of Nancy Drew (unless there was no-one else around in the library!) My favourite book as a child and the one I’ve carried most in my mind was called ‘Run For Your Life’ by David Line about two boys who overhear, and then get embroiled in, a murder plot! Great stuff! Thanks for provoking happy memories!

    • I’m glad you had the opportunity to get turned on by reading through your library! I lived in a very small town and our library had few books, so I’m glad my mom was a reader. I’ve never heard of your favorite book or it’s author. You’ve got me curious now, and I’m going to have to google that one!

  3. I read that book about Wright, It was sad, and I do remember her books from my childhood. I make my own Christmas cards and want to use photography instead of rubber stamping like I normally do.I taught kindergarten for 10 years over 25 years ago, so most of my favorite books are from reading aloud to my classes. Make Way for Ducklings, The Biggest Bear.Caps for Sale.

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