Leavin’ on a jet plane

So tonight my little furry friend and I are leaving Alaska and heading back south to Illinois. Six weeks ago I was filled with anxiety as the pup and I prepared for our journey. There were a lot of unknowns ahead of us.

  • How would we handle Jasmine’s first plane ride~~an extremely looong plane ride?
  • How would we both handle the very cold, snowy weather after leaving very hot, early summer weather?
  • How would we entertain ourselves, especially for the two weeks we had to hold down the fort (aka condo) alone?
  • How would we survive Easter all alone?

But there were just as many knowns to look forward to:

We were very excited to head to our second home because Nanook was there waiting for us, and for the first time in 7 years neither one of us would have to make the long journey between Chicago and Anchorage for six whole weeks!  It’s quite unbelievable that Nanook’s long commute to work has been going on for that long…wow!

  • …and I really love the beauty of Alaska and the view from our little condo.
  • …and the food
  • …and the beer!
  • …and I’ve grown to love the moose (as long as they obey the restraining order that keeps them a safe distance away from me when I’m walking the pooch!)
  • and the new friends and neighbors that I’ve met

So when we get to the airport, I know I will head through that security gate this evening with Jasmine in one hand and a big wad of tissues in the other because it never gets any easier saying goodbye 😦

P.S. I’m still VERY anxious about flying tonight with Jasmine on the very looong plane ride….that part didn’t change!


7 thoughts on “Leavin’ on a jet plane

  1. ‘Oh no’ audible words slip out of my mouth as I see the title to your post, I know you might be looking forward to the return, but I too am sad to be leaving – I think I’m developing a little thing for Alaska, still you can continue to share some images now and then I hope, we all need the inspiration and the sigh of relief that comes from gazing at those mountains, those vast snow covered plateaus and that gorgeous, inquisitive moose.

    Bon Voyage to you both.

  2. I’m impressed that you are at the stage of flying with your dog! We have only just reached the stage of getting our new puppy to go anywhere in the car! The photos of Alaska, here and in other posts, are stunning – no wonder you’ll miss it! Hope you both had good journey back.

    • It was certainly an experience flying with her! But she did very well. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures, it is so gorgeous there and I will miss the mountain views. We made it home safely and are really missing the cooler temperatures and the 16+ hours of daylight!

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