A Surrey State of Affairs: A Novel

If you want a light, laugh out loud funny book to sandwich between those intense, deep, drama filled novels you’ve been reading lately, then A Surrey State of Affairs by Ceri Radford is just the ticket for you!

I loved this book for its wit, its characters and its silliness.  It’s written in the form of a blog (and no, that’s not the only reason I loved it!) by Constance Harding, a middle-aged housewife and church bell-ringer.

She has an older unmarried son she wishes would meet a nice girl, a surly teenage daughter, and an inattentive husband.  Oh yea, and a young, attractive, Lithuanian housekeeper that isn’t exactly a whiz at her job.  Constance’s life is pretty much a shambles but the funny part is that she doesn’t realize it, it’s only us, the readers of her blog that are in on the joke.

The whole time I was reading this book I was picturing one of my favorite television characters, Hyacinth, played by Patricia Rutledge, on Keeping up Appearances.  As those of you that know the show, Hyacinth Bucket (pronounce Bouquet!), is always dressed immaculately with her flowery, candle-lit supper dress and her pearls. This is how I pictured Constance as she typed away on her computer, writing her blog, blissfully unaware of the reality of her life.

If you want a good giggle and a very fun read I highly recommend this one!

{Oh, and one more thing, if you happen to notice me becoming a blogger, who is blissfully unaware of the reality of her life, you will give me heads up!}


4 thoughts on “A Surrey State of Affairs: A Novel

  1. Keeping up appearances was the best… well maybe ‘are you being served’ was better but who could forget the scenes with the ‘white trash’ family members…pure gold

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