World Book Night

Tomorrow the world, or at least the U.S., Ireland, Britain and Germany, will be celebrating World Book Night. A terrific idea started in Britain in 2011 with the tagline “spreading the love of reading, person to person”. 

Sponsored by publishers, booksellers and librarians, the goal in the U.S. is to give away over 500,000 paperback copies of over 30 popular book titles tomorrow and in the week to come. Book givers were chosen after applying online and putting in a request for the title they would like to gift. Each Book Fairy (my term not theirs!) was then given 20 copies of one of the 30 titles and tomorrow they will be sharing the love of reading to people who otherwise might not be able to have access to these books. How fun!

I am currently kicking myself for not signing up to do this!  When I knew I would be in Anchorage on World Book Night, I decided that it might be too difficult to get the books and so I opted to skip this year and try to do it in 2013. What a dope!

I look forward to reading other bloggers experiences during this celebration of books and hope to not sit on the sidelines next year but to get in the game!


8 thoughts on “World Book Night

  1. I’ll be giving away I capture the Castle – I am going to maybe give away a few copies to people who I know don’t read much at work – and then later will be going into the city centre to hit a few coffee shops and possibly a WBN event at the library theatre. I’ll be posting about it on my blog tomorrow.
    Do sign up next year – it is great fun – I did it last year too.

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  3. I couldn’t sign up this year because I wasn’t sure I’d be available to do it but next year I am entering too. 🙂

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