Maxine and Minnie Moose

Sorry if everyone is sick of moose pictures but I have to add just a few more! Today we had a visit from mama Maxine and baby Minnie! Jasmine and I first spotted the baby when we came back from our walk this morning (of course again I was almost on top of the thing before I saw it!) and then when I ran outside with the camera we spotted her mom. They made their move around the condo and we were able to snap some up close pictures from the bedroom window! Poor Maxine had a pronounced limp but was very attentive to the baby who systematically trimmed all the foliage around back for us!

Mama Maxine


Baby Minnie

Maxine and Minnie sharing a mommy/daughter moment


6 thoughts on “Maxine and Minnie Moose

  1. How wonderful! How old is the baby? Has it just been born – otherwise who does it leave it with when she’s off on her wanderings? I saw a program about a wildlife rehabilitation centre where they had a baby moose and they say they are very difficult to rehabiliate because they adapt to human contact so quickly. To do so successfully they have to build an enclosure where the mosse can’t see any person at all. Sounds like Maxine has really adapted to being around humans.

    • I was trying to figure out the age of the baby too. I read that they give birth once a year in May or June, so does this mean the baby was almost a year old? I’m really not sure. It was very sweet how Maxine kept making sure the baby was close to her.
      I haven’t seen them again, but I’ve seen Mildred almost every morning recently. They really are enjoying the vegetation behind our house!

    • It is quite amazing to see these huge creatures up close and personal! I see more mice by my house (and in my house) in Illinois than moose 🙂

      • In Glasgow dialect a mouse is called a moose (there was even a song about it which had the line “There’s a moose, loose, aboot this hoose!” It was awful but very Glasgow!!) So for us your Alaskan visitor moose and your Illinios visitor would both be called by the name moose! Which could get confusing which I guess explains why there probably aren’t many Glaswegians in Alaska!

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