The Readers Summer Book Club 2012

I think long, long ago in a house far, far away, I mentioned one of my favorite podcasts, The Readers.

The Readers, is a book podcast with two hosts, Gav of,  and Simon of  After listening to just one episode of The Readers, I can guarantee that you will be hooked and feel like you’ve known these two gents for years. They are warm, funny, knowledgable and have the most entertaining podcast about books I’ve found anywhere. Though they live in different cities in the UK, and have only physically met once, you can tell that they enjoy bantering about books and we, the listeners, enjoy listening to their bantering!

I think what I love most about their podcasts is the variety that they bring every week and this gives me a nice, but awkward, segue into what I wanted to tell you about.  I’m very excited that The Readers has decided to start a summer reading club!  They’ve picked eight titles that neither of them have read before and they will spend the summer interviewing the authors, skyping with listeners and discussing the books.

Whether you decide to participate in this stupendous book club or not, I hope you will download an episode of The Readers and give them a listen.  If you click on any of the blue highlighted areas on this blog post (this is true of any of my posts) it will link you to their pages and give you more information.

Can you believe we’re already talking about summer?!


2 thoughts on “The Readers Summer Book Club 2012

    • You are very welcome! I’m not sure how many I will get to since I’m so far behind in my reading, but I’m shooting for 4 of them. The best laid plans….

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