Anchorage Public Library

Anchorage Public Library/Z.J. Loussac branch

I had a chance to visit the library again today and this time I remembered to take along my camera and snap a few photos. The occasion for this visit was to pick up a book I had on hold. As those close to me know, I do like to place a few holds from time to time so I’m glad to continue the practice here at my “home away from home” library!

William Seward outside library

Here is a little information about the library I found on their website:

“APL was established in 1917, shortly after the founding of the city. For many years, the Library was operated and funded by private citizens. After years of temporary spaces, a stand-alone library opened in 1955. The library was made possible through the support and vision of Zachary Joshua Loussac, one of the city’s first philanthropists. “

The building is really very pretty both inside and out. The check out desk is in an atrium with a lot of natural light and a beautiful tapestry type artwork up above on the balcony.

Atrium, check-out desks and tapestry

check-out area facing towards front door

There is also a coffee shop off to the left with some inviting seating. Of course I’m banned from drinking coffee for the time being so I didn’t buy anything (this visit).

Coffee shop seating area

The hold section for books was self-serve which was very interesting and different from the libraries with which I’m familiar.  There was a row of bookshelves with a card with the first 5 letters in your last name sticking out of the book. I then just grabbed my item and went to the check-out desk. I also noticed that there was a $1.00 fine if you failed to pick up a hold you placed. I thought this wasn’t a bad idea considering how labor intensive it is to pull holds for patrons. My former workmates might agree with me on this one!

Self-Serve Hold Shelf

I hope to do a bit more exploring around the building on my next visit. It seems like such a warm, inviting environment to find a cozy spot and read.

As you can tell I’m a bit of a library geek, I just love them! I usually make my hubby stop on vacations and visit libraries (and old bookstores) …..he’s a nice guy that way 🙂 So to be fortunate enough to be a card holder at two beautiful libraries makes me one happy girl (or old lady depending on your point of view)!

In the stacks

In all the moves I’ve had to make, one of the first things I’ve always done is visit my new public library and get a library card. It is then that I start feeling a bit like I belong.


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