Book Malaise

I’m not sure what the problem has been, but I have just not been much in the mood to read or to rehash what I’ve read in a review. I’m not sure why, just a book funk?? First I can’t tolerate coffee and now my love of books has dried up…what a icky week….poor me 😦

I think maybe I’m just overwhelmed with piles and piles of unread prose.

Before I flew to Alaska I felt obligated to finish reading all the library books I had on hold that suddenly came in all at once. Some of them I had waited to get for so long that I felt like if I turned them back in unread I might never see them again.

Then there were the netgalley books I have received that I was anxious to read but sit in the queue on my e-reader anxiously waiting for me to begin. I figured once I headed to Alaska I would be able to crack open my Kindle/Ipad and delve into those books with nothing holding me back…but this has not been the case.

First I found I had left some books here on my last visit to read, then I went and got my first Anchorage library card, and finally a box of 3 large books I ordered on Amazon arrived. I am again swimming in books with no idea where to begin or if I even want to begin. This is so unlike me!

So I took a break for a few days and then decided to pick one of the books that I really and truly wanted to read…not something I felt I had to read….not something that I should read…just something I wanted to read. And you know what? I am enjoying it so much that I’m hoping I’m back on the wagon!


3 thoughts on “Book Malaise

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