Sometimes it’s good to be a couch potato

Couch potato view

Since I’m stuck indoors in Alaska I’ve been reflecting on the benefits of my confinement, and the benefits of my couch potato life style. See the thing is when it’s sunny and warm, like it was in Illinois for the last few weeks, I feel terribly guilty if I’m not outside doing something…something constructive that is.

I have a strong aversion to gardening, yard work and all that entails. I don’t enjoy getting my hands dirty, kneeling down on the ground to pull weeds or communing with nature. It just isn’t my thing. I dislike swatting away insects and watching out for thorny plants and having the red red robin bobbin’ way too close for comfort. Just hate it!

I guess I forgot to pull these out last year!

Nanook (my hubby) also hates when I try to make an attempt at pastoral pursuits because not only do I hate (have I mentioned that enough) having to do it , but I also stink at it. I have a tendency to pull everything that doesn’t have a flower attached to the stem which makes for some awkward moments when Nanook surveys his domain and asks “What happened to the plant/flowering bush/misc. green thingy, that used to reside in that spot?”. One look at me and he knows that my dainty digits yanked that sucker out all the way down to the root. Oops…

Simulation courtesy of

The sun also casts a dirty glow on the inside of my abode as well. I see the sun straining to come through the remnants of winter stuck to their glass, the cobwebs illuminated by the ceiling and the dust bunnies spotlighted in the corner. Blasted sun!

No longer can I lounge idly by without noticing some collection of dirt and grime giving me that come hither look and taking my attention away from important things like reading a book or watching TV!

But here in Alaska where it’s still winter, cold and icy, with not even a grass blade in sight, I can get my priorities straight. Novel reading, TV watching, computer typing, can all be accomplished without a hint of guilt.

Well maybe just a smidgen, since the daylight hours are increasing rapidly and the sun is pretty bright and, darn it, I’m starting to hear some dirt calling my name!


2 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s good to be a couch potato

  1. What a lovely post and a wonderful opportunity, but know the feeling, Spring is in the air, snow or no snow 🙂 I am sure you can manage a little of both, that window needs to be sparkling to ensure you can continue to appreciate that gorgeous view.

    • It truly is a gorgeous view and I’m happy to say that it might actually be warmer up here a bit today. But of course Alaskans idea of warm and mine are two different things!

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