Alaska: We have arrived!

Anchorage watch out!  Jasmine and I have arrived!

I’m happy to report that after many hours, days and weeks of foreboding our plane journey to Alaska went swimmingly (or should I say flyingly!) Many of my worst fears were unrealized and by some happy accidents things went much better than they might have.

Because of my heightened anxiety, I had a lousy night’s sleep, waking up every hour waiting for the alarm to go off. I hate when that happens! My friend M picked us up bright and early for our 9:40 AM flight out of O’Hare. (Let me just say it was so nice to be chauffeured for a change!) I had Jazz in her SturdiBag, my loaded down purse with all my electronics and a ginormous suitcase to maneuver.

The airport was a zoo, but luckily the Alaska Airlines ticket counter was empty. I paid my fees, $20 bucks for my luggage and $100 for Jasmine, and they didn’t even want to look at the health certificate that they said was required from a vet! As an aside, let me just say that the airline’s (and it’s not just Alaska) additional charge of $100 each way for a pet in the cabin is highway robbery! 

Security was intimidating with a slew of little children, all with their own annoying little rolly bags and inattentive parents. Spring break in full force! I dared not put Jasmine’s bag on the ground for fear one of the little darlings (very sarcastic) would step on her. But thankfully the line moved quickly, and with a friendly TSA crew (and no, I am not being sarcastic this time) on duty we got through with no hitches!

We had about an hour wait until boarding so I kept Jazzie on her leash and we walked around the terminal. She was in heaven….“what a cute puppy?”, “Can I pet her?” “Would she like some of my Egg McMuffin?” Is this the puppy’s first flight?”….gathering fans as she strolled through the concourse. But this spoiled dog routine would soon come to an end when I gave Jasmine her pretty little pink tranquilizer, put her in her favorite (very, very sarcastic) pet carrier and boarded the aircraft.

Would she or wouldn’t she?
Fit under the seat that is!

The moment of truth had arrived, and as I anxiously eyed the airplane seats while walking down the aisle, I began to feel my confidence building…this is going to work!  But my confidence was short-lived because of my aisle seat and it’s very small under seat space.

In my many hours of research I had known that the middle seat has significantly more under seat space, but really who wants to sit in a middle seat for 6.5 hours?…not me that’s for sure!  But I did come to the realization that Jasmine would be much more comfortable under the middle seat and so I had resolved myself to asking whoever occupied that seat if they would like to trade. A no brainer for that lucky soul.

But here is where I encountered something that has rarely, if ever, happened on my flight to Alaska….no one else came to sit in my row!! Unheard of and extremely fortuitous for my trusty sidekick. I slid her under the roomier real estate of the middle seat, and we both breathed a sigh of relief!

Now only a long flight to get through and we would be home free!

I’m happy to report that my little pooch made not one peep the whole journey (I’m sure her pretty little pink pill had something to do with this) and we arrived in Anchorage to be met by snow, freezing temperatures, sunshine and a happy Nanook!


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