Decisions, decisions….

Six weeks is a long time to be away from home and my biggest packing worry? Which books am I taking with me!

Because I’m taking Jasmine on the airplane with me I can only take my purse. Ugh. This means I have to fit my laptop and my Kindle in my purse so I won’t be taking any real books with me on the plane. (This is when I’m really glad I recently went over to the dark side and started reading e-books!)

I decided a few weeks back that I would go through my To Be Read pile, pack them in a box, and ship the box to Alaska. The hardest part? Trying to figure out which of my numerous books to pack in said box.

Do I pack books I really want to read or books I think I should read? There is a difference. I have some rather large tomes around here that have been collecting dust for more years than I care to mention. I can’t seem to part with them because I will surely read them one day, right? These seem to consist mostly of Presidential biographies, historical non-fiction  and misc books that I paid good money for and thus I should read. Then there are the recent books I have purchased, or been given, that I really want to read immediately. These I’ve put off reading because I was trying to get all my library check-outs read and returned before I leave. Decisions, decisions…

In the end I packed a bit of both.  I loaded up the box on Tuesday, took it to my local package delivery place, and was floored when I was first told that it would cost $150.00 to send the box UPS! But then the clerk figured out that I could send it snail mail (3 weeks!) for $16.00. So now my lovely books are sailing on their way to beautiful, snowy Anchorage.

I just hope they get there before I have to turn around and come home!!

A sampling of my 15 choices!


2 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions….

  1. Life’s too short to spend it on books you “should” read. Just dump them and give your time to the ones that you “want” to read.

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