Jaunts with Jasmine?

My co-writer Jasmine and I will soon be traveling to the great white north and our second home, Alaska. While I have been there several times this will be Jazzie’s first trip to Anchorage and also her first airplane flight. Ay Yi Yi , what was I thinking  when I decided to do this!

Jazzie's first (and only) adventure~~to Washington, DC

My time lately has been spent agonizing, fretting and freaking out about how I will accomplish this almost 7 hour flight by myself. I’ve been researching airplane seat dimensions, carrier sizes and styles ad nauseam. I am driving myself CRAZY and everyone else within ear shot!

I went back and forth about bringing her with me on the plane or putting her in cargo. This means I had to decide on a soft sided carrier or a hard sided carrier and then the size of the carrier has to conform to the airlines specifications. The Catch-22 being that not one carrier I’d found matched my Alaska Airlines requirements!!  This is when I sighed and lamented, “why o why, woe is me”~~ I’ve been doing this a lot lately!

I finally broke down and ordered a soft sided, Sturdibag pet carrier. They even had a picture on their website showing the bag easily fitting under the airline seat. It arrived at my door and I opened it up and the thing is ginormous! Not only that Jasmine despises it! She went easily into the smaller, cheapy bag I already owned but this one, no way Jose! I put a very fancy treat in there for her (not her normal fare) and she circled the bag, like she was sizing it up for a rumble in the jungle, then she barked at it and whacked it with her paw. “Take that evil bag”!

Believe me the burgundy bag is bigger than the green one...really!

I finally managed to shove her in the “thing” and drove around in the car to do my errands. She whimpered the WHOLE time. My dog spoiled much?, nah…

Well, after calming down yesterday and trying to be a little more logical than emotional about this terrifying flight with my pooch, I figured out that I had a chair in my house that mimicked the under seat height on the airplane. Voila! the carrier actually goes under there and then I finally convinced Jasmine, with a bit of a shove from behind (ok, more than a bit of a shove), to go in and get her treat.

Jasmine making friends with the enemy

We still have several more practice runs in the car, but I’m feeling a tad more confident about our journey. Now, do you think I can get an Alaskan Amber beer when I get on the plane that early in the morning…..?

~~Possible (slightly tweaked) titles for our journey ~~

Jasmine does Alaska

Jasmine’s big Adventure

What happens in Alaska stays in Alaska

Hi-Ho Jasmine (Silver), away!

To Alaska (infinity)…. and beyond!

I love Alaska (Paris) in the springtime

Tracy & Jazzie’s Excellent Adventure


6 thoughts on “Jaunts with Jasmine?

  1. That dog is going to probably leave a “little something” behind for all the trouble you put her through. I’d also keep checking shoes and corners in your place in Alaska…..

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  3. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog in my quest to find a carrier that will satisfy Alaska Airlines requirements!! My dog is 12″ tall and 17 lbs. Did you purchase the small or large Sturdibag?? And info would be appreciated!!!

    • Hi Lauren! I purchased the small carrier and Jasmine fits very well inside. She’s about 16 pounds. We’ve now flown about a dozen times and the carrier is still working great! One tip though, the bag does not fit under the aisle seat, so I always book a middle seat, it’s much roomier for the dog. Enjoy your travels with your pooch, if you have any other questions please let me know!

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